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Tempo Construction¬† is an Authorized Builder for VP Building Systems in Newfoundland. VP Buildings is emerging as the clear leader in systems construction. This emerging leadership clearly reflects that the VP partnership provides building owners superior construction. VP’s custom concept lets you have exactly what you need and want in a building. Our engineering provides complete design flexibility, allowing you to design your facility down to the fraction of an inch. Whether your needs lie in manufacturing, retail, office, warehouse, or any other form of low rise nonresidential construction, can deliver the building that meets your exact aesthetic and functional requirements – a building that truly compliments your business.

Fast-Track Returns, Faster and Easier

Fast-Track is back. VP’s easy and quick way to get basic building prices and orders is again available to all Authorized VP Builders. The easier pricing and ordering entry system, which has been expanded to include more products, will allow for faster deliveries. Using familiar Order Entry screens, the program will be supported through VP software. Fast-Track will offer VP Builders a broad selection of products with a wide range of building parameters. Flexible dimensions will allow any length, width and eave height to 1/16 inch tolerance for fully sheeted buildings as large as 200 feet by 300 feet with eave heights up to 25 feet. Roof slope options range from 1/4:12 to 3:12.


Beginning with the release Order Entry 1.5, VP Builders will have access to this newly enhanced offering. Available products include SSR and Panel Rib roofs, Panel Rib, Vee Rib and RPR wall panels. Flexible framing options include four separate end-wall options, movable bracing locations and mixed bay spacings, making Fast-Track a viable option for many typical building projects. Using computer-aided design and detailing to minimize manual order processing will allow for faster deliveries. In most cases, delivery can be made as early as four to six weeks. The system is designed to meet most current building codes, in both the United States and Canada. Quotes can be entered and completed in a matter of minutes. With a minimum of data entry, Builders will also have the capability of offering “what-if” pricing to their customers. “VP has launched this pricing and ordering system to give VP Builders a real competitive advantage with quicker delivery,” said Chuck Powers, director of domestic sales at VP. “VP took advantage of improved technology and the flexibility of VP’s order entry program to develop this new opportunity for Builders.”


Chuck Haslebacher, VP’s Chief Operating Officer, said the improvements came through recommendations from Builders who wanted more flexibility than had been available with XpresSteel. “We are proud to offer this program to our Builders,” said Haslebacher. “We believe it is a great program for VP as well as our Builders. We are pleased with the work our programming team has done.” “Fast-Track should have tremendous positive impact on our Builders in 2007.”