What is design build construction?

Design Build is a process more than a type of construction. A design build contractor can take a project from conception though to completion some of the steps include initial budgets, concept design, final design and construction. The advantage of design build is an owner can draw upon the expertise of an experienced design build contractor which results in overall lower project costs.

What is a pre-engineered building?

A pre-engineering building is a building that is supplied to us by VP Buildings Inc. Pre-engineered means that the design of the building is based on thousands of building done over more than fourty years. The building is not designed from “scratch” as a conventional building would be thus resulting in thousands of dollars in cost savings. Also the building design is proven over many years of use.

Is a pre-engineered building size and shape standard?

No, just because the building is pre-engineered does not mean it is of a standard size and shape. Pre-engineered systems allow for customization of the building to suit the owners needs. Although there are “cookie cutter” shapes and sizes available, more and more owners are choosing to customize their buildings to suit their needs and not trying to suit themselves to a particular building.